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High speed in everyday life can impair access to the body's own compass, our intuition. As a result, we find it difficult to find solutions and make decisions. We go round in circles in our thoughts and lose our ease and joy of life. This "getting stuck" binds a lot of life energy that we lack in everyday life. 


That is why nature is a wonderful place for coaching. Because change happens when we break familiar patterns. So get out of the living room or out of the office. And into an experience that will touch you deeply. Because nature is a wondrous stage for us to make visible the solutions and answers we already carry within us.


Since I am a doer who thinks everything through rationally and then takes charge of it, and who at some point gets stuck when it gets too much, I chose outdoor coaching. Just don't think again! This form of coaching led me on paths where letting go, resting, being guided by intuition and inspired by the wisdom of nature came to the fore. Thus the autumn fog gradually cleared - in nature - and also in my life.


Thank you very much for your empathetic support on this journey, Birgit.

Cornelia, favorite week January 2022


An outdoor coaching differs from other coaching methods in that it takes place in nature. But there is so much more to it! Nature is automatically part of the process and, as various studies show, has a positive effect on our well-being at the same time. It activates our senses, increases attentiveness and makes us receptive to the messages of the four elements air, earth, fire and water. They are effective visitors and companions and can support and advance the process.

For the interventions we use everything that the moment offers us. Because nature speaks its own language. The unexpected cry of an owl, the gnarled root at the edge of the path or the invigorating smell of rain in the trees can provide new solutions. 


And that's exactly what the favorite week stands for! Activate your resources with fun and ease in joint activities in nature and realign your compass. Find back into your flow! Come to you and enjoy the time for yourself in the cozy log cabin. Let yourself be touched by the winter wonderland of Luosto! And take all these experiences with you into your everyday life. Look forward to the valuable time-out that you have been wanting to treat yourself to for a long time.


I currently only offer nature coaching in Switzerland. Please feel free to contact me with your inquiry.


Each individual has different aspirations and faces different challenges. I provide an oasis to pause, reflect, and tune in to your own greatness, and taking your next big leap forward. My topics include the following:

  • Life Coaching​ 

  • Improving happiness and wellbeing

  • Decision making in complex situations

  • Conflict resolution

  • Coping with difficult situations (mobbing, burnout, divorce etc.)

  • Personal Development

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Build resilience

  • Improve communication


"Happiness - 3 steps for increased life quality" (3h)




Further information

You can find the announcement for the 2022 trip here:


Did I wake your interest? Then contact me on Tel. +41 076 460 95 85 or by email at .  


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