Coaching-Angebot / Private Coaching


Are you ready to make those changes for yourself? If so, choose from one of my coaching packages. They can be used in the form of an indoor or nature coaching (within Switzerland) or online using Zoom/Skype. A package can only be booked after a first consultation. Payment in installments is available. I have many international clients and I understand that purchasing power varies. I believe everyone should be able to afford support. So if you cannot afford the rates feel free to contact me.

1 session

1 x 60 min.

If you are still unsure. 

 CHF 160.-

5 sessions

5 x 60 min.

The happy medium and the most popular package with my clients.

CHF 690.-

1 0 sessions

10 x 60 min.

Full commitment, no more compromise. 

CHF 1'290.-