"In Birgit I have found exactly the support I was hoping for. Birgit manages to combine professionalism with genuine interest. She is authentic and non judgemental. Her coaching approach is very constructive and pragmatic and she utilises different methods depending on the situation and the development of the client. This coaching allowed me to take inventory and realign myself profesionally and persoanally. The effect of the coaching has been sustainable. I would like to thank Birgit for her incredibly valuable support."

                                                        Marc-Alexandre Graf


"During the initial coaching session Birgit asked specific questions so I was able to set clear goals for the coaching. What is more, I've already been able to take some everyday practical tools with me. Thank you so much Birgit for the personal and motivating meeting. I am very much looking forward to working with you!"

                                                                         Evelyn Kurth


"The Coaching with Birgit has touched my soul and I am deeply moved by what I have experienced. The valuable insight I gained continues to have a positive impact on me. And the initial spark during the coaching still lights the process which has been activated. What a gift! Thank you so much Birgit!"

Markus Kaufmann


The coaching with Birgit Ohlin has pulled me out of the lethargy of a very difficiult life situation and has  helped me tore focus on my goals in life again"

Jan Bütikofer

„Thanks to the valuable coaching with Birgit I have experienced personal growth and made great progress on my path. Thank you so much Birgit, for your personal and professional support!"

Katja Krobath


"Birgit has supported the preparation of an eLearning course on process management for our employees. Her contrubition was of significant value for both the analysis of requirements in regards to the course as well as for methods of anchoring the new processes with staff.  Aside from her professional and efficient manner were highly valued her great encouragement and suggestions as well as her empathy with the differente interviewees. We would like to thank her for her support and wholeheartetly recommend her."

 Stefanie Kebila, Stadtwerk Winterthur




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